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10:00Call to order Matthew Caldwell5 minutes
10:05KahootCharles Owen20 minutes
10:25Conversion PresentationEthan Coble45 Minutes
11:10Break 5 Minutes
11:15Membership RetentionAnkit Goswami 50 Minutes
11:45Lunch-20 Minutes
12:30Building RelationshipsGarrett McMillion50 Minutes
1:20Break-5 Minutes
1:25Visions and How We Share Them Paige Brush30 Minutes
1:55Lodge Identity Logan Brown10 Minutes
2:05Lodge Identity Panel and BreackoutMichael Colletti w/ Rebeca B., Garrett M., Logan B.25 Minutes
2:30Breakouts Lodge Officers30 minutes
3:00Advisers MinuteTim Weaver1 Minute
3:01ClosingMatthew Caldwell2 minutes
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